Arduino Gameboy Printer Emulator Javascript Decoder

This decoder decodes RAW data. To get RAW data, set GBP_OUTPUT_RAW_PACKETS to true in /GameBoyPrinterEmulator/gbp_emulator.ino

If you're looking to display images from already decoded data, you need the regular decoder

Full instructions located at the official github page for Arduino Gameboy Printer Emulator

This is a simple converter that converts from gameboy camera hex dump (both single image or batch print) from the gbp_emulator.ino arduino gameboy printer emulator project. This was used, as it was a low friction to extend the existing codebase for single tile rendering by Marcus in Gameboy 2BPP Graphics Format page to deal with gameboy camera encoded payloads.

Below shows a sample data. Each line that is not a comment, but is encoded as 16 hex digits are a single gameboy tile. A stream of these 16 hex digits will build up a photo.

Web Serial

As an alternative to copying the console data from the Arduino IDE, images can be created directly using the Web Serial API. Click "Request serial" to list available serial devices, select your GBP Printer Emulator and print direct to the browser.