Arduino Gameboy Printer Emulator Javascript Decoder

This decoder only decode tile data. Must set GBP_OUTPUT_RAW_PACKETS to false in /GameBoyPrinterEmulator/gbp_emulator.ino

If you're looking to display images from raw data, you need the raw decoder

Full instructions located at the official github page for Arduino Gameboy Printer Emulator

This is a simple converter that converts from gameboy camera hex dump (both single image or batch print) from the gbp_emulator.ino arduino gameboy printer emulator project. This was used, as it was a low friction to extend the existing codebase for single tile rendering by Marcus in Gameboy 2BPP Graphics Format page to deal with gameboy camera encoded payloads.

Below shows a sample data. Each line that is not a comment, but is encoded as 16 hex digits are a single gameboy tile. A stream of these 16 hex digits will build up a photo.

If you're looking to decode RAW-Data, you can use the RAW-Decoder